Upon meeting his recently departed father’s ghost, Charlie must confront the complexities of his childhood. Irish playwright Hugh Leonard has created a warm and funny story about family and relationships. Winner of the 1978 Tony Award for Best Play.


By Hugh Leonard
Directed by Steve Perigard

"A warm and funny valentine from a son to his late father." – NY Daily News


Playwright Hugh Leonard


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With great affection and respect, we dedicate this production of Da to the memory of Woody Eney. Woody was one of Virginia Rep’s (and RVA’s) great actors and storytellers. If he wasn’t Irish, he should have been. Overflowing with life, positive energy, creativity, and the gift of gab, he was always there to coax the road to rise up to meet you, the wind to always be at your back, and the sun to shine warmly upon your face. He is greatly missed.