Arts Integration Workshops

Led by Virginia Rep trained teaching artists, these in-school workshops introduce and reinforce Virginia Standards of Learning through theatre and movement activities. Led by professional theatre and dance artists, these one-hour workshops introduce and reinforce standards in English, Math, and Science. Our interactive workshops are designed to be delivered onsite at schools, with up to three classrooms sessions taught in one school day. In order to maximize student participation and creativity, we ask that all workshop sessions be limited to no more than 30 students per workshop session.

Math Moves: Discovering Mathematical Concepts through Dance

For Grades K-5
45-60 Minutes
Virginia Rep’s teaching artist will lead students in kinesthetic exploration of Math SOLs through rhythmic exercises, creative movement and dance. Equal parts dance and math, these workshops work well in both physical education and math classrooms and will introduce valuable cross-curricular teaching tools to educators in both subject areas.

Choose from three grade-specific topics:
Exploring and Understanding Patterns (grades K-3)
Geometric Transformations (grade 4)
Geometric Angles and Figures (grade 5)

Theatre Lab: Exploring Scientific Principles through Improvisation

For Grades 3 or 5
One Hour
The stage becomes a laboratory in our interactive science workshops. Through improvisational acting games and role play, your students will test and expand their understanding of science standards. Using only their bodies, voices, and imaginations, students will physicalize key processes and terminology, sharpening science skills through theatrical experimentation.

Choose From:
Simple and compound Machines (Grade 3)
Molecules and Matter (Grade 5)

Deconstructing Stories with Tableau

For Grades 1 - 3
45-60 Minutes
Dive into the story with this fun-filled workshop. Students will work collaboratively to discover what makes a story. Through theatre games and tableau, students will explore the structure and elements of storytelling.

Actor’s Purpose: Understanding Author’s Purpose through Performance

For Grades 3 - 5
One Hour
Reinforce Author’s Purpose through Theatre! In the same way authors write with a specific purpose in mind, actors define and work towards clear objectives in rehearsal and performance. In this interactive workshop, students will explore how an actor might persuade, inform, or entertain in the same way a writer might.

Bring a Workshop to Your School

For more information or if you would like to bring a workshop to your school, contact Mike Brown at (804)783-1688 ext. 1130