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The mission of The 4th Wall is to enable young theatre lovers to connect audiences and actors by truly breaking through the imaginary wall that often separates them. With the guidance and support of theatre arts professionals, members become theatre insiders. Their insights appear on Cadence Theatre Company’s website, the CTC Facebook page, and other community publications. 4th Wall members will invite their peers to contribute actively to the arts community, thereby invigorating the growth of young audiences and by extension, strengthening all artistic endeavor.

Our foremost youth group invites young theatre lovers to connect with artists and audiences as they become the next generation of theatre leaders and arts enthusiasts. 4th Wall members agree that they play a vital role in building young audiences, which is crucial to the survival of live theatre. Students create written reviews, behind-the-scenes videos, and social media posts. A great resumé builder, they also host post-show discussions, usher, and give curtain speeches during our Mainstage Season. Our members receive passes to our productions and attend educational gatherings and retreats.

Expectations include 20 volunteer hours in the following areas:

  • Attend 4 mandatory meetings (September, December, February, May);
  • Must usher for at least TWO CTC mainstage shows and usher for THREE of Virginia Repertory Theatre’s (Virginia Rep) mainstage shows;
  • Write theatre reviews & blog posts;
  • Promote Utix ($10 day-of-show tickets) for high school and college     students with valid ID via social media and word-of-mouth;
  • Create promotional videos and radio spots;
  • Change Facebook profile pictures week of show;
  • Helping to run auditions, assisting with special events, and distributing postcards.

 Benefits of membership:

  • Complimentary ticket vouchers to Cadence and Virginia Rep mainstage shows;
  • Name, picture and personal bio on websites for CTC and Virginia Rep;
  • Opportunities to work with professional theatre artists and mentors;
  • Build resume, experience and contacts;
  • Attend free workshops with guest speakers.


Are you interested in joining the 4th Wall? Contact info@cadencetheatre.org

Meet our 2016-2017 4th Wall Student Leaders!

Photos by Elaina Riddell.


Abby Puryear, Gossip Squirrel

Abby’s friends would say she’s a homeless romantic. She loves chocolate and anything with cheese. She has got a passion for fashion. Give her a winter day with hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie, that’s her perfect day. She lives her life like a real life Gossip Girl.


Charley Hart, The Social Butterfly

Charley is a freshman at Freeman High School. She is a Chipotle, theatre, and Dan Howell enthusiast. Charley also has an unhealthy obsession with guacamole, romantic movies, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the internet.



Maya Jenkins, Queen of Light 

Maya is a sophomore at Cosby High School, and this is her first year in the Forth Wall Leadership Program. She enjoys writing, reading, and the “litest” forms of theatre. In Maya’s spare time, she is a Gilmore Girls enthusiast.


Shannon Boerner, Electronic Enthusiast

Shannon is mainly an actor but explores all areas of theatre. Some of her favorite words are pontificate, cacophony, and pancake.



Kate Oelkers, “arcoíris unicornio”

Kate is a nomadic high school actor, who has loved the arts since her hit “Hippopotamuses with Cameras” dropped in her living room in 2003. She’s thrilled to promote creative expression in Richmond’s vibrant community!



Kat Collin, The Communicator

Kat is a senior at St. Catherine’s and an avid fondue enthusiast. She is an actor, aspiring director, and extremely excited to be performing in Virginia Repertory Theater’s Airline Highway in January.



Roy Armando Arroyo Jr., Artistic Demolitionist

Roy wants to keep art alive by putting a wrecking ball through the barrier of reality and creativity. A Producer, Writer, Musician, and an Actor, Roy wants to express his ideas through any form possible. He is happily bringing JR Tucker High to the Fringe.


Austin Smith, Vivacious Video Host

Austin is a director, playwright, and an actor, but can normally be found working in the booth, running the sound board. In his spare time, he enjoys writing, music, and martial arts. He would like to thank Cam, Laine, and Jessie for getting him involved.



Sophi Anthony, “Soph”ocles 

Sophia loves creating honest, exiting theatre. Along with enjoying classic rock, writing, and photography; She also adores alpacas in knit sweaters, and Martin Freeman.



Jessica Meyer, Special Events Guru

Jessica is an actor, director, stage manager, set designer and camp counselor extraordinaire. Aside from her fast-paced, theatrical-based life, she is a guacamole fanatic and dog lover in her spare time.



Hanna Clinton, Commander in Chief

The Commander is a senior in the Theatre Specialty Center at Thomas Dale High School. She spends her free time blowing glass ceiling-breaking bubbles and belting out Funny Girl with her animal-friend, Sally. She is elated to start her first year at Fourth Wall, and wants all her people not to worry, and to be happy.


Elle Lockett, The Cathartic Gumdrop 

Elle is a sophomore at Appomattox Regional Governer’s School. She’s a modern day embodiment of Alexander Hamilton and in her free time she enjoys creating puns. “Stay gold ponyboy.”



Carson MacGregor, Frosted Tip Enthusiast

Carson is a filmmaker and comedian, who’s been doing 4th wall for one year. He enjoys long walks on the beach, perpetuating the liberal media bias, and acting like an adult. He has strong opinions on gun control and reality television.



Camryn Simon, The Writing Wiz
Camryn describes herself as a spiritual fashionista with a passion for literature. How to get on her good side: Mention Anna Wintour, Alexander McQueen, or New York.