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The mission of The 4th Wall is to enable young theatre lovers to connect audiences and actors by truly breaking through the imaginary wall that often separates them. With the guidance and support of theatre arts professionals, members become theatre insiders. Read More...

4th Wall StudentAbby Puryear, “Social Butterfly”

Abby’s friends would say she’s a hopeless romantic. She loves chocolate and anything with cheese. She has got a passion for fashion. Give her a winter day with hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie, that’s her perfect day. She lives her life like a real life.

4th Wall StudentCharley Hart, “The Film Gal”

Charley is a freshman at Freeman High School. She is a Chipotle, theatre, and Dan Howell enthusiast. Charley also has an unhealthy obsession with guacamole, romantic movies, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the internet.

4th Wall StudentDarren Badley, “Walking Jukebox”

This is Darren's first year in 4th Wall. He is a junior who is obsessed with all things music and theatre, as his title insists. He enjoys spending his time belting out different songs and watching Netflix. He is really excited to be working with such a great team of people.

4th Wall StudentEden Johnson: “The Encyclopedia”

Eden is always available if you need random facts about Broadway, Marvel, or Harry Potter. She's a 9th grader in the IB program at Midlothian High School. This is her first year in 4th Wall. When she's not obsessing over Broadway, she can be found writing and starring in plays and musicals.

4th Wall StudentElle Lockett, “The Cathartic Lemon Drop”

When she isn't studying as a junior musical theatre major at Appomattox Regional Governor's School, you can find Elle watching Mulan (again), or putting her pens in rainbow order. Some of her other favorite things are collecting stickers and watching her succulent garden grow.

4th Wall StudentIzzy Scozzaro, “Spastic Starfish”

Izzy is a freshman at St. Catherines's School and an avid lover of honest and creative theatre. She is also an actor, singer, writer and extreme corgi enthusiast. When not embarking on new and creative projects, she enjoys eating ice cream watching HGTV.

4th Wall StudentJordan Pearson "The Real King of Comedy"

Jordan is a senior at Meadowbrook High School, and is ecstatic because this is his first year of the 4th Wall Leadership Program. He is the Captain of his school's improv team, and the only thing that he loves more than theatre is Chick-fil-A. He is thrilled to be performing in Virginia Rep’s upcoming production of Akeelah and the Bee.

4th Wall StudentKendall Shamus, “Musical Theatre Guru”

Kendall is a sophomore at The Steward School and is so excited to be participating in her first year in the 4th Wall Leadership Program. She loves all things Broadway, listening to show tunes, and last but not least, performing. Kendall is looking forward to helping promote the amazing theatre in the Richmond community by writing reviews and creating promo videos this year!

4th Wall StudentMaya Jenkins, “Queen of Light”

Maya is a junior at Cosby High School, and this is her first year in the Forth Wall Leadership Program. She enjoys writing, reading, and the “lightest” forms of theatre. In Maya’s spare time, she is a Gilmore Girls enthusiast

4th Wall StudentMia Krivanec "Artistic Oak"

Mia is a freshman at Richmond Community High School. She enjoys binging musical soundtracks on Spotify, roller skating, and making various forms of art. Mia is in her first year of TRAIN, the pre-professional actor training led by Virginia Repertory Theatre and Cadence Theatre Company.

4th Wall StudentNena “The Navigator of Love”

Nena is a lover of romantic tales and passionate crime thrillers. She spends her time watching films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, and she is a proud owner Marlon Brando and Charlie Chaplin portraits painted by her extremely talented friends.

4th Wall StudentSamantha Game “Professional Theatre Enthusiast"

Sam is a Sophomore in the Humanities Center at Hermitage High School and she is very excited for her first year in 4th Wall! She enjoys writing, directing, and performing. Above all, however, she is a complete theatre fanatic. She is an avid listener of show tunes and can pretty much always find a reason to talk about Ben Platt or Ramin Karimloo.

4th Wall StudentShannon Boerner, “Rosie the Reviewer”

Shannon is mainly an actor but explores all areas of theatre. Some of her favorite words are pontificate, cacophony, and pancake.

4th Wall StudentSophi Anthony, “Soph’ocles”

Sophia loves creating honest, exiting theatre. Along with enjoying classic rock, writing, and photography, she also adores alpacas in knit sweaters, and Martin Freeman.

4th Wall StudentSophie Dulog, “Travel Enthusiast”

Sophie is a freshman who loves all things travel. She enjoys harp, piano, and choir as well as theater and writing. She has a passion for cliff diving, learning new languages, and pina coladas.

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