Golden Goose

This Brothers Grimm tale shows that nobility and kindness prevail even in the most sticky of situations. Our hero, Simpleton, triumphs over obstacle after obstacle to find the Golden Goose, and show that even the meek among us have great things to offer. As is said of our hero “You're kindhearted, friendly, honest -- those are the best qualities a person can have.” And that is truly a lesson for us all.

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A musical play by Ford Flannagan
Music and Lyrics by Michael Strong, K Strong, Ford Flannagan
Musical Arrangements by Michael Strong
Direction by Ford Flannagan

Length: 55 minutes
Suggested for ages 3 and up.
The Little Engine that Could has been moved to July, 2017.

Please be advised of brief flashing lights used in this production. If this is an issue, see our Sensory Friendly page.

"The giggles keep coming"

Richmond Times-Dispatch

"'The Golden Goose' brings a message of hope"

Richmond Family Magazine

"An energetic ensemble and lively staging. Kids... were enthralled."



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   Photos by Jay Paul


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