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Group Sales


Mark Persinger
Director, Patron Services and Group Sales
(804) 783-1688 ext. 1118

Perks for Groups of 10 or More

  • Personalized service from a Group Sales Manager assigned to handle your specific needs
  • Seating at a discounted rate. The more seats you book, the more you save!
  • No individual ticket service charges
  • Advance notice on upcoming events
  • Promotional materials to help boost interest

Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a group?

Your favorite group of people constitutes a group: friends, family, co-workers, classmates - anyone! In general, groups range in size from 10 or more.

What discounts do groups receive?

Ticket prices vary by production and size of the group, but groups generally receive 10% to 30% off regular ticket prices. Groups also receive significant discounts on ticket handling fees.

How much is needed for a deposit?

A 20% deposit is needed to reserve seats.

When is final payment due?

Final payment is due two weeks prior to the scheduled performance along with the group’s final seat count. For orders placed within one week of a performance, full payment is due at the time of the reservation. Upon receipt of payment in full, the sale is final and there are no refunds; however in case of cancelled performances, exchanges are honored.

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, check, and credit cards as payment. When paying by cash or check, all service fees are waived. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit cards. If you require an invoice prior to payment, simply let your Group Sales Manager know at the time of booking.

When will the tickets be available for distribution?

Tickets will be made available for pick-up when final payment is received. You also have the option of leaving your group's tickets at the box office to be picked up by the group organizer on the day of the performance.

Can my organization buy out a performance?

Depending on the size of your group, Virginia Rep welcomes groups to buy the entire theatre for a performance. To secure a date, buy-out arrangements should be made well in advance. Buy-outs are based on availability and must accommodate any tickets already sold for that specific performance. Determined on a per-group basis, buy-out customers may receive special benefits and opportunities to customize the experience.

Can my group dine before or after the performance?

With three separate venues, Virginia Rep is happy to assist groups in finding a variety of dining options. Groups attending productions presented at the Hanover Tavern can enjoy on site dining at the Hanover Tavern & Pub. Arrangements can be made with partnering restaurants for groups attending productions at the November Theatre, Theatre Gym, and the Children's Theatre at Willow Lawn.

Will the play contain adult language or objectionable content?

Virginia Rep productions address a wide variety of contemporary social and political issues, so some productions may contain language or other content that some viewers may find objectionable. Check the suggestions for each production to determine which one is best suited for your group. Upon request, your Group Sales Coordinator will be happy to provide specifics about individual productions.