Elias and Jenny, a young couple struggling to stay together, arrive at a bed and breakfast in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the week after Thanksgiving. Met by a cheerful innkeeper, and surrounded by thousands of watchful inanimate objects, the two search for connection in lives heavy with loneliness. One of TIME Magazine's top ten plays of 2015, John intertwines the natural and the supernatural in a haunting meditation on life and love.

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By Annie Baker

Produced by Cadence Theatre Company, in partnership with Virginia Rep.

"John may be one of the smartest, most unusual plays I’ve ever seen."

Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Should not be missed."


"Haunting and haunted, full of ruminations on connection and detachment, life and death, love and loneliness — essentially the human condition."

STYLE Weekly

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“Annie Baker’s John... is so good on so many levels
that it casts a unique and brilliant light.“

The New Yorker

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