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Homeschool Courses

Virginia Repertory Theatre is pleased to offer new and exciting theatre courses for homeschoolers this 2019-2020 season! Our unique and engaging courses provide in-depth exploration of theatre performance with instruction by conservatory-trained working professionals. Whether your young performer is trying theatre on for the first time, or a dedicated returning student, these classes are appropriate for the novice and the seasoned performer, alike!


Audition Technique 

Virginia Rep's Children's Theatre at Willow Lawn  
Ages: 12 - 18
Students will focus on proper audition preparation by incorporating physical and vocal techniques, exploring character development and building their performance skills. Through confidence building exercises, monologue work and cold-readings, auditions are de-mystified.

Improvisation & Theatre Games

Virginia Rep's Children's Theatre at Willow Lawn
Ages: 8 - 15
Students will learn how to build improvisations with their peers, by learning the basics of improv and applying these techniques through exciting theatre games and scenework. The class will focus on listening, reacting, making bold choices and following instincts, while respecting the rules and boundaries of the game.

Fall Session Details and Enrollment


Scene Study

Virginia Rep's Children's Theatre at Willow Lawn
Ages 12 - 18
Participants will focus on developing acting techniques by specifying motivation, exploring characterization and establishing emotional arcs, all while connecting with their scene partners to create a clear story. Physical and vocal exercises will free the actor of tension and support self-awareness.

Physical Theatre

Virginia Rep's Children's Theatre at Willow Lawn
Ages 8 - 15
In this engaging course, students will explore the world of theatre through the lens of physical storytelling in a group dynamic. Participants will spin stories of high adventure using their bodies, voices and imaginations, developing self awareness, on-stage listening skills and performance instincts.

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Musical Theatre Performance for Homeschoolers

Virginia Rep's Children's Theatre at Willow Lawn
Ages 9 - 18
Homeschool students rehearse once a week for eleven weeks, learning the music, choreography and text in preparation for the final performance for family and friends on the stage of Virginia Rep's Children's Theatre with a full set and costumes.

Show selection to be announced! Stay tuned for updates!

"THANK YOU! It has been amazing to see her growth with continuing to overcome her fear and for both of them to learn how to memorize, project their voice and foster a creative passion!"- 2018 Participant

"Thank you SO much for everything you have done for our kids!" - 2018 Participant

"First off, let me tell you that Colin comes back from rehearsal every week RAVING about what fun he is having and how much he loves the group. So thank you for providing this experience for him and the other kids! What a joy!" - 2018 Participant

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