Barksdale Theatre and Theatre IV are now Virginia Repertory Theatre

In 2012, our two nonprofit organizations merged to become Virginia Rep. The artistic hallmarks of Barksdale and Theatre IV not only continue, they are further enhanced. You will see many of the finest professional theatre artists from our community and nation working together, performing acclaimed scripts from the past and present, including new works destined for future accolades.

On Virginia Rep’s four stages, you will enjoy a wide-ranging array of some of the best theatre in the country. World premieres, international classics, extravagant musicals, bracing dramas, laugh-out-loud comedies — whatever your tastes in theatre, you will find it at Virginia Rep.

A Note from Our Founders

In 1975, we were still in our early 20s when we founded Theatre IV. In 1953, Pete Kilgore, Muriel McAuley and four other actors from New York City were also in their 20s when they purchased Hanover Tavern and founded Barksdale Theatre. None of us knew in those days of early dreaming that it would take lifetimes and beyond to slowly and responsibly construct and sustain a major professional theatre of national standing here in Greater Richmond.

As the two of us were building our careers, we learned a lot at the feet of our friends Pete and Nancy Kilgore and Muriel McAuley. Today, we are confident they would be proud to see how their blood, sweat and tears continue to have a lasting impact.

Virginia Repertory Theatre is a new name, but the company it represents is built on multiple legacies much greater than any moniker. It is built on the love and hard work that tens of thousands of theatre artists and administrators have contributed selflessly to Barksdale, Theatre IV, TheatreVirginia and the Virginia Museum Theatre, the Children’s Theatre of Richmond, and many other precursors that were fundamentally involved in making this nonprofit theatre what it is today.

In The Tempest, Shakespeare wrote, “What’s past is prologue.” Centuries later, that quotation was inscribed on the pedestal for the monumental sculpture named Future at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

In a few short years, we will hand the reins of this noble enterprise to leaders of the next generation. As we look to that all-important future, we do so confident that the past lives on exactly as it should, in the ever-changing dynamic that will ignite the hearts and minds of generations to come at Virginia Rep.


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Bruce Miller
Artistic Director

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Phil Whiteway
Managing Director